PGDM and MBA are both graduate courses offered by particular institutions for individuals who have already completed a Bachelor’s degree. Students completing the PGDM course are awarded a diploma, while certificate-based degrees are awarded to students after they have completed the MBA course.

There are differences between the two degrees, the first one is that students pursuing the college’s PGDM are awarded the diploma certificate after completion of their course, whereas students taking the MBA are offered a bachelor’s degree after completion. PGDM courses are more relevant in the industry than MBA courses, however, an MBA will provide you with a degree while a PGDM only gives you a diploma. Although both are graduate-level courses in management, there are major differences between MBA degrees and PGDM degrees.

One of the main differences when it comes to MBA and PGDM is that an MBA, or masters in business administration, is a graduate degree course that can only be offered by colleges affiliated with universities, whereas the PGDM, or postgraduate diploma in management, is a diploma course offered by independent institutions. Two of the most popular MBA programs in India are the Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) and the year-long executive MBA program. MBA — Master of Business Administration is an executive degree program offered at most of Management Colleges and Universities around the globe. It is a graduate degree program that started its journey in the UK, whereas an MBA is a shorthand for the Master of Business Administration, an advanced degree course introduced in the US which is required for the Ph.D., which is the highest degree in higher education available.

MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration, and MBA is a graduate-level degree, whereas PGDM stands for Postgraduate Diploma in Management, and, as its name suggests, is a graduate-level diploma course. As the name itself indicates, PGDM is a Diploma course whereas MBA is a degree, like M.Com, ME, MSc, M.Pharma, etc. While MBA is offered by colleges affiliated to recognized universities, PGDM is offered by standalone colleges or business schools (B-schools). While at first, both the PGDM and MBA taught similar courses related to management, the main difference between each curriculum is that the PGDM curriculum is controlled by an institution, while the MBA curriculum is controlled by the University. This means an MBA program from different institutes within the same University would be similar, whereas there may be differences in the case of PGDM.

PGDM is mainly offered by standalone institutions, meaning that they only offer a single course, hence focus, while MBA is offered by universities and colleges offering 10 of the other courses too, spreading focus across such many courses. Some colleges, such as the International Institute of Business Research, Bangalore, Thiagarajar School of Management, Madurai, Alliance School of Business, Anekal, IMT Ghaziabad, Ghaziabad, offer both MBA and PGDM courses. Colleges like FMS-Delhi University, NIMT Institute of Management-Rajasthan Technical University, etc., offer an MBA degree. Postgraduate Diploma in Management, popularly known as PGDM, is a 2-year program designed to impart practical knowledge and management skills to students, so that, on completing the course, they are capable of holding a high-level management/leadership role in the organization.

Here are the top 10 colleges for PGDM and MBA:

  1. INSEAD, France/Singapore
  2. London Business School, UK
  3. University of Chicago: Booth, USA
  4. IESE Business School, Spain
  5. Yale School of Management, US
  6. Northwestern University: Kellogg, US
  7. CEIBS, China
  8. HEC Paris, France
  9. Duke University: Fuqua, US
  10. Dartmouth College: Tuck, US

Overall, both the programs are excellent and will give you the skills you need to pursue a career in the field of management.

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