Green tourism

Environmental protection is the most important and widespread issue all over the world. Therefore, green tourism is one of the forms of tourism hot most are now more people involved. Enjoying green trips not only helps you breathe fresh air but also contributes to environmental protection.

During the green trip, visitors will be able to visit places close to nature that bring a feeling of extreme refreshment. Moreover, you will be able to participate in practical and meaningful activities such as cleaning up trash at the beach, planting trees, or other works that contribute to the conservation and preservation of the environment. It is this great meaning that has attracted many people interested in and participating in this type of tourism. 

Virtual tourism

During the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic, virtual tourism is a hot type of tourism that attracts the attention of many tourists. This form of tourism will help you save a lot of money but also stay in your home and still be able to experience many interesting things. 

To be able to travel virtual, you need to register with the supply companies and choose to buy travel packages. With a virtual reality headset, you just need to select the destination and enjoy your trip. The special thing about this type is that you can go to any place even past destinations or inaccessible areas. Therefore, this will be an exciting new experience you should not miss.

To buy this virtual reality headset, you can refer to e-commerce sites. There are many discount codes, preferential coupons for traveling on that will help you save a lot of money when buying.

Challenge yourself with adventure travel

If you are a person who likes unique places, challenge yourself right away with the hottest type of travel today – adventure travel. This type of tourism requires you to be someone with special skills and good physical condition. So please consider before participating because you will encounter certain risks. However, for those who have a passion for this type, it will definitely “crush” forever.

Adventure tourism visitors will set foot in a land little known. Among them are outstanding activities such as mountain biking, climbing slopes, skydiving, snorkeling, etc. With these activities, you will experience more new things, see wonderful things. Few people see it and most importantly, live fully with your passion.

Travel long distances by walking

Traveling long distances by foot is a popular picnic activity. This is also one of the hot types of tourism that are welcomed by young people. Experiencing this type of travel, you will have time to enjoy nature and be closer to relatives and friends. 

Walking is the most prominent activity of long-distance travel, you will get to cross mountains, rivers and stop at beautiful destinations for picnics. In which, barbecue and sleeping in tents are the most popular with tourists.

 Last Chance Tourism

This type of tourism is known as the desire of visitors to come to admire the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world but are most threatened, in danger of disappearing, or the species of flora and fauna that are endangered. endangered before they completely disappear. Some destinations in the world are very famous for this type of tourism such as the Great Barrier Reef (Australia), famous limestone cliffs White Cliffs of Dover in the UK, Chacaltaya Glacier in the Andes mountains, Paintings on Nazca Plateau (Peru), Maldives Islands, Dead Sea (Jordan), Glacier Montana National Park (USA),.

Toy tourism

This is a very strange type of tourism that originated in Japan, then quickly spread to Korea and many other Asian countries and became a new trend. A travel agency called Unagi in Japan started a new service for the disabled or very old. Instead of traveling on their own, people with physical and mental disabilities bought tours from tour operators so their toys could travel. The companies will take these customers’ toys away and take lots of pictures before returning them to their owners. In 2020 there were more than 400 tours done in Japan, the average cost per day for traveling toys is about US$13.5. This cost can be further reduced if you know how to use discount codes and coupons during the holidays.

Tourism for single women – PANKS (Professional Aunts No Kids)

This concept was first popularized in the United States and then spread to many other countries. These PARKS tours are designed for single and childless aunts and uncles who wish to have a holiday experience with their nieces and nephews “like with their children”. In the United States, while 42 percent of women aged 15-44 were childless in 2002, the rate was 43.7% last year. In 2020, there were 23 million PANKS tours conducted in the US with a turnover of 9 billion USD.

Travel to the ancestral lands (Diaspora)

Diaspora is a term from Hebrew, Diaspora Tourism is defined as travelers who travel back to their homeland to find their roots. Most tourists in the US have immigrant ancestors from Russia, Japan, Turkey, China, and the Baltic states, from Eastern Europe, Jews in the US travel to the East to explore the source. its origin. They travel to learn about their ancestors, to understand traditions and customs, to get a traditional form of marriage, etc. It creates new tourism activities.


Many people often think that traveling is simply going to a certain place to rest and relax. However, that is only a small part of tourism because there are many different types that will surely overwhelm you. Traveling not only helps you gain new knowledge, new views about the surrounding lands but also gives us many beautiful experiences and memories. Above are the 8 Hottest Travel Styles of 2022,  wish you happy travels.

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