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Does Running Google Ads assist with SEO? Over the years, many people have pondered this crucial subject. The quick response is “no” Search Engine Optimization does not benefit from Google Ads advertising (SEO).

You won’t automatically rank higher for your keywords in the SEO listings by running campaigns and advertising in your Google Ads “PPC Services” account that display on Google.

Unfortunately, some agencies have deceived many businesses about the advantages of Google advertising and how it enhances organic search results. And they do that in order to provide their customers more services.

You pay for each click on your ads using Google Ads because it is a pay per click (PPC) advertising network, as you may be aware. Additionally, it represents approximately 80% of Google’s total revenue in 2021, or roughly $209 billion.

However, SEO, which brings free traffic to your website, works differently. Consequently, you are not billed when users click on your Organic listings.

Both play a significant role in your marketing plan, but they differ in a number of areas, including price, setup, timing, target audience, and control.

Why Some People Think Running Google Ads are Beneficial to SEO

  1. A rise in organic traffic has been noted by several
  2. Both are powered by Google.
  3. Each employs keywords

1. A rise in organic traffic has been noted by several

After a while of advertising, some people have seen a rise in their organic traffic.

This is due to the fact that Google Ads advertising helps to raise brand awareness, and a lot of consumers start their Google searches with the brand name and domain name before clicking the organic listings.

Additionally, does not provide search results for organic clicks, making it difficult to determine the searches that led to these clicks.

2. Both are powered by Google.

Since both appear in search engine results and are sometimes ranked on similar variables like keywords and relevancy, it seems sensible that many people think Google Ads do aid SEO.

Some of the advertising will be near the bottom of the SEO listings, but most will show at the top. Many people also find it difficult to distinguish between the two.

However, the advertisements are always marked as “ads” or “sponsored” and are never present in SEO listings. They are always kept apart as previously stated.

3. Each employs keywords

In order to advertise in Google’s ad results and to show up in SEO results, keyword and traffic research by greenhatfiles is crucial.

Because of this, many people believe that they are extremely similar and perform the same tasks, with the exception that one gets compensated and the other is not.

But when you dig behind the scenes to see how you might rank on both, Google Ads and SEO are significantly different from one another. With the former, advertisers can place bids for spots and pay for clicks. While with SEO, you must optimize your website and build links in order to rank high for the keywords of your choice.

Additionally, in order to generate advertisements and bid on keywords in campaigns you create using Google Ads, you must first register an account. With SEO, you don’t need to register an account; instead, you just focus on optimizing your website’s pages and gaining relevant links through off-page optimization.


Because Google Ads and SEO are separate channels, neither has an impact on the other. Therefore, setting up a Google Ads account and running ads won’t aid your SEO efforts. But you should focus on both since they are crucial to your search engine marketing approach.

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