You can get sad out of nowhere, with no reason or rhyme, or it can tag on the loss of your loved ones, a crushing breakup or any other situation which we call as tough times. It can hit you unexpectedly without any forewarning or can crawl into your life slowly, just like the dark clouds you see before the storm. In whatever way it comes in, sadness is an emotion that, we all have experienced- and still, it can be unbelievably difficult to get through it.
But here’s the craze: you can know how to overcome sadness. Though a few tried and true methods might require you to dig deep, the other ways to punch the blues are exceptionally simple like

  • Writing or posting sad status in Hindi Spending more time outside
  • Watching a movie or a show that will make you laugh hard
  • Crying your heart out

You will be sad to know, but spending the whole day on your couch with a glass of red in one hand and junkies in the other will not help you get through your sad emotions. Also, it is not a scientifically proven method.

Important note*: If it has been two to three weeks, and if you still feel sad and get various symptoms like trouble concentrating, loss of energy or difficulty in sleeping- you should then reach out to an expert or professional for your help.

Ahead are some tips shared by mental health experts and psychologists on how can you stop feeling sad despite your triggers.

First, you should not feel sad about feeling sad.

It is very well understood that when something negative or bad happens, it feels like your world is coming to an end but instead of dismissing or suppressing your sad emotions, distract yourself from them. Also keeping up a good front and embracing them can help. You can post some amazing sad statuses in Hindi. It can help.

“All emotions are important to experience and have valuable information for us about our lives.”
– Dr Lori Rockmore, Psy.D.

In place of whipping yourself up for feeling sad, try to create this as an opportunity to grow, learn and find true feelings.

Don’t know why you are sad… did you try writing?

Sometimes it is very easy to know the reason for being sad like you ruined your big presentation or cannot get over your ex, or maybe you had a huge fight with your loved ones. But sometimes it is very difficult to know the reason, and you feel the emotion, just for no discernible reason.

When this is the reason, you should grab a pen and try writing sad status in Hindi for your social media. Doing this will help you to uncover the reason for being sad. Also, you might start feeling better. As said writing helps all, it might help you too! Alternative to this, you can also try taking a yoga class if that can relax your mind or can keep a journal or maybe meditation- all of these are some wonderful ways to focus on your inner self and get to know a better version of yourself.

In the End…

So doing these things can help you get over your sadness. Other things you can try are releasing your sad emotions and not overthinking a good cry or finding what can make you happier than ever. Also, if you like you can reach out to your favourite person and open your heart. Posting sad status in Hindi can help, but the other thing that we feel can help in finding a good picture of yourself and writing a good attitude caption for Instagram in Hindi. It will help you know your worth.

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