Schulich School of Business offers an MSc in Marketing. The program prepares students for careers in marketing. The highlights of the Schulich School of Business Master of Marketing program are-

  • Short and Intensive Duration
  • Development of critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • Capstone Projects
  • Short and Intensive Duration
  • Dedicated Career Development Team

The Curriculum of the Program

The curriculum of the Schulich School of Business Master in digital Marketing program consists of core modules. The core modules are Financial Decisions for Managers, Business Communication and Team Dynamics, Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Digital Marketing Strategy, Marketing Field Project 1:Strategy, Consumer Insights, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Field Project 2: Implementation, Brand Management and Creativity in Marketing.

Pre-start Courses– Pre-start Courses provide basic knowledge and exposure to the program. Pre-start courses are online courses modules in Accounting, Finance, and Statistics.

Schulich Marketing Association– The Schulich Marketing Association provides real-world exposure and industry mentorship.

Capstone Projects– Capstone Projects is a two-term integrative consulting project. The program provides first-hand experience in developing and marketing strategies for organizations. Capstone projects help in the development of marketing capabilities.

Faculty Members

The faculty members are-

  • Grant Packard- Program Director and Professor of Marketing
  • Russell W Belk- Professor of Marketing
  • Alexandra Campbell-Professor of Marketing
  • Jane-Michele Clark- Professor of Marketing
  • Peter Darke- Professor of Marketing
  • Eileen Fisher- Professor of Marketing
  • Ashwin Joshi- Professor of Marketing
  • Ashley Konson- Professor of Marketing
  • Theodore J Noseworthy- Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing
  • Yigang Pan- Professor of Marketing and International Business
  • M. David Rice- Professor of Marketing
  • Ajay K Sirsi- Professor of Marketing
  • Ela Veresiu- Professor of Marketing
  • Detlev Zwick- Professor of Marketing

Application Requirements

The application requirements of the Schulich School of Business Master in Marketing program are-

  • Unofficial Transcripts from all the attended post-secondary institutions
  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • Recent Resume
  • Two References
  • Essays( 2 written, 1 timed written, and 2 videos)
  • Work experience is not mandatory but it is appreciated
  • Application Fee
  • A score of 100 in TOEFL and a band of seven in IELTS

Application Deadlines

The application process has four rounds of deadlines. The first deadline is in October, the second deadline is in January, the third deadline is in April and the fourth deadline is in June.

 The Cost of the program and financial aid

The cost of the Schulich School of Business Master of Marketing program for domestic students is $37,400 and for international students is $84,100.

Additional Expenses

The expenses are-

  • Stationery Material- $750
  • Rent- $5000
  • Food- $1500
  • Personal Expenses- $1000
  • Health Insurance- $ 252
  • Approximate cost per term- $8669

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid options are-

  • Sonja I Bata Legacy Award
  • Caio Milhorati Graduate Business Council Award
  • Bob Elhart Prize in Entrepreneurship & New Firm Creation
  • Lidia Serras Memorial Scholarship
  • Schlich Bursary Supplement
  • Schulich Entrance Award of Merit
  • Governor General Gold Medal
  • Brandcast Marketing Leadership Scholarship

Brandcast Marketing Leadership Scholarship– Brandcast Marketing Leadership Scholarship is awarded to incoming Master of Marketing students who demonstrate leadership skills, innovative thinking, and academic excellence. The value of the scholarship is $1000, and the recipients of the Brandcast Marketing Leadership Scholarship have an option to engage in coaching or mentorship sessions to achieve their career goals.

Loan Programs

The loan programs are-

  • Student Line-of-Credit Program
  • Ontario Student Assistance Program and Out of Province Government Loans
  • Lifelong Learning Plan
  • Prodigy Finance
  • MPOWER Financing

Career Services

The career services offered by the Schulich Center for Career Design are-

  • Career Advising by experienced advisors
  • Career Building Modules
  • Self Assessment
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Corporate Information Sessions
  • Developing Career Plans
  • Professional Development
  • Direct access to leading recruiters
  • Alumni Mentorship
  • Corporate Recruitment Events

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