Hiking is a pleasant and peaceful way to spend time with friends and family while enjoying the great outdoors. Outdoor gear stores in Calgary allow you to discover parts of nature that are otherwise inaccessible by vehicle. Leave your worries about time, work, and other stressors in the past and let your sense of amazement reawaken once more. There is nothing quite like reuniting with friends or loved ones while taking a nature-based adventure.

If you’ve never been to hiking clothing stores before, you might be apprehensive about the prospect. You may rest guaranteed that there is a hike out there for every skill level. The act of hiking gear stores is not a race to the finish line but rather a low-impact workout about spending time with friends and immersing oneself in the beauty of nature.


REI, a hiking gear store created in the Pacific Northwest and had 20 million lifetime members, is one of the largest outdoor cooperatives ever established. A member-owned cooperative, this business specializes in selling high-quality outdoor gear and apparel.

They also provide gear rentals on practically every subject you can think of, allowing you to try out hiking clothing stores without having to spend the total price for them. Lifetime membership is only $20 and is well worth the investment because you’ll be able to trade in gently worn items and receive some great coupons and offers as a result of joining.


A wide selection of outdoor gear stores in Calgary is available at reasonable prices at Costco and Walmart, respectively. The seasonal prices at Costco (like my Pelican kayak!) are incredible, and Walmart has a lot of my favorite beginner’s camping gear as well.

Also, perusing the clothes sections of both of these stores is something I would strongly encourage – they both have some fantastic things that are appropriate for hiking gear stores near me in different seasons.


Sierra Trading Post is a bargain outdoor hiking gear store business owned by TJX Companies that offer a variety of goods at low prices. They feature a large assortment of hiking clothing stores ranging from shoes to camping gear, though you will do some searching to discover the best deals. However, it can be beneficial for obtaining minor pieces of equipment and more expensive clothing that would otherwise be too expensive at regular retail prices.

Steep & Cheap Backcountry Gear:

Backcountry operates five separate hiking gear stores, making it one of the most prominent outdoor merchants in the world. I have a particular favorite company, Steep & Cheap, which supplies practically every piece of equipment you could imagine with a lot of discount codes for hiking gear.

However, because the items are limited in quantity, it will take some time and digging to find the things that are the most excellent fit for you. I’ve been a long-time customer of Steep & Cheap, and I can personally attest to the high quality and usability of the apparel and outdoor gear stores Calgary you’ll find on this site.

The Moosejaw:

Moosejaw hiking gear stores offer a vast selection of brands at competitive costs; this is the most excellent place to shop for your cycling needs. They have frequent online sales and a well-stocked sale section where they offer prices ranging from 40 percent to 50 percent off the regular price.

If you sign up for Moosejaw’s membership program, you’ll also receive 10 percent back in rewards on all full-priced purchases, as well as free lifetime returns!

The Land Of Patagonia:

Even though Patagonia products hiking gear stores near me can be more expensive, the company is one of the most environmentally conscious businesses to support. Their equipment is of high quality, and they are constantly updating the design or style to meet the needs of their customers best.

Patagonia also provides repair services, allowing you to extend the life of your favorite item of apparel or gear by repairing it properly. On the other hand, the Worn Wear program will allow you to trade in your gently used clothing for store credit.

The Marketplace on Facebook:

Facebook Marketplace is a terrific way to trade or purchase from hiking gear stores if you don’t mind old equipment. Due to spring cleaning, it is the most acceptable time of year to find used backpacking and outdoor gear on our site, as everyone is motivated to replace their old clothing and equipment.

Facebook is also home to many women’s s-only groups and hiking clothing store groups specialized in certain outdoor activities, making it an excellent location to meet individuals who have similar interests.


You can get the latest and greatest outdoor gear stores in Calgary, as well as a selection of affordable outdoor gear, on our comprehensive list of the finest hiking gear stores on the internet today. While a few of the leading websites dominate the online outdoor gear market, scroll down the entire list to discover some lesser-known jewels in the world of online outdoor gear. In addition, before buying any product you can read more reviews on or to choose the right product with the best price.


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